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Coaching and creating resources and workshops to empower people to shine is my passion! I am a successful graduate of Erickson International, a highly recognized, internationally acclaimed ICF Life Coach Training organization.


I have spent the last 20 years developing and implementing an holistic approach to life and career development.

My most recent success includes the actualization of a need and vision of a pre- employment resource centre. The service empowers men and women who were once stuck, to take action steps towards their desired careers.

Opening Doors to Success Inc. is currently in its eighth successful year of service. It employs a staff of five, including two career coaches, within a dynamic training centre. The key fundamentals to the service builds on creating an environment where clients discover the confidence and power that they already possessed all along. They begin to realize their true otherwise unseen potential, and begin to step out, taking action steps that move them toward living their desired purpose and values. Their inner motivation takes flight and their dreams are realized one step at a time. Confidence begins to soar and comfort zones are expanded.


I learned the power of effective coaching early in my career. I proved that with the right method to coaching, even people living with profound disabilities and labels were capable of experiencing joy and finding success in their career aspirations. Through continual learning, research and completing a wide variety of training and workshops, I acquired the key tools to motivating clients towards personal fulfillment. My training includes Emotional Fitness, Mental Health First Aid, Coaching Towards Peak Performance, Counselling Through Encouragement, Deep Democracy, Motivational Interviewing, and Applied Counselling. The study of personal development has been a very strong passion and focus of mine over the past 30 years, both in my career and personal life.

Through numerous years of experience I have discovered powerful tools to coaching clients towards living a more

satisfied and joyful life. The foremost effective method involves creating an environment which empowers the person to recognize their deepest values, skills and talents.

This is where it gets a little tricky. We sometimes struggle to see our values, skills, possibilities and capabilities. When we aren't clear on what we are capable of, we fail to dream. This is one of the many ways we get stuck and find ourselves unable to move forward. Having someone with the skills to guide us towards a clear vision of our dreams can be powerful stuff! When a  professional has the training and tools to help us see what we truly desire, and recognize what might be standing in our way, we can work together to develop a clear step by step solution focused action plan. ...

This is where the magic of coaching begins! 


I would love to be your coach and walk with you while helping you discover your own action plan towards living a life where your dreams, become your reality.


Contact me for your free assessment. Please note: This is not a free coaching session. This will be an information session about an hour long for you to find out more about coaching and see what, if any Dreality package would be the best fit for you.

Sometimes we feel stuck and defeated with no sense of direction, making it difficult or impossible to take the needed step. We aren't clear on what we desire, so we settle, and yet somehow deep within, we know we are capable of more...
I will help you find your inner motivation to spur you to create the life you truly desire. I will be your catalyst for change as we work together. You will discover and realize the TRUE YOU and begin to take your exciting action steps!
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