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Nancy, You are the best coach I have worked with. You have this gift of bringing out the best in people. Because of you I am thinking differently. I have done a 180. I have a very positive attitude about learning, looking for work and staying in my job.

You are a very inspiring person. You made a difference in my life. When asked, "Who are the most important and influencial people in my life?"...You are among them. I believe you will be a very successful Life Coach. You will go far. I am thrilled that you are moving on to go where you are needed in Steinbach. You are the bestLove



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What People are Saying About Nancy

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I met Nancy during our coaching training at Erickson. We shared some coaching conversations in class. Nancy stood out because she always wears a big smile on her face and has a warm and cheerful personality.


Nancy is a wonderful coach. She invites you to open up and improve your life in a gentle manner. She helps you think about challenges in new ways, so you can create your own solutions. After my coaching session with Nancy I felt empowered to take some steps toward my goal.


She is a master in asking powerful questions; intuitively selecting her words and making you feel energised and comfortable.My time with Nancy has been inspiring and I would strongly recommend her as a coach.


~Lyony Ozephius

Owner Creative Pinch

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I was lost and you helped me find the light. Your encouragement has helped me rethink my future.



Thank you Nancy for showing me opportunities and motivating me to step out of my comfort zone. It (your program) really helped me discover what I am truly capable of.



You have been an inspiration to me that things can get better. Depression does not have to be me.



You find ways to help people when they don't know how to help themselves.



I could not see the journey until I found the path. I could not find the path until I found the means. I could not find the means until I found the key. I could not find the key until I looked in the mirror and found me. Thank you for holding the mirror. 


I discovered talents and skills I didn't know I had.


~ Coachee


You inspired me to reach my goals!


~Thanks, Sandra

I am proud to announce I participated in Nancy's program. It has truly helped me grow my own business, past my expectations.I would definitely recommend Opening Doors to Success to anyone needing help with employment and to further their goals towards success. I believe in letting go of the past and beginning a new future! Thank you so much for teaching me to move forward and let go of the past! I love your program!


~Sue, Owner/ Operator Southeast Flowerbeds

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