September 3, 2020

Does emotional wellness contribute towards overcoming depression and anxiety?

Is emotional fitness essential to achieving our dreams?

Can we build our emotional fitness?

Yes, yes and definitely YES!

My story is living proof that practicing healthy habits that nourish our emotions is super powerful to managing mental health issues, even clinical depression and anxiety that comes with a label. 

Over 30 years ago I fell into a very deep pit of clinical depression. I struggled for over a month with extreme sadness. It got heavier and heavier until eventually the sadness became extreme anxiety and intolerable fear. I wanted to "escape my mind". I admitted myself into the hospital because I had lost all control of what was going on in my head. My thoughts were extremely dark and they scared the hell out of me. I was experiencing the most profound emotional experience. I had lost all hope that there was a cure for me. I believed to my very core that I was the most damaged, the most evil, the most...

July 11, 2018

I absolutely love to dance. As a child, my dream to become a magical dancer did not come to fruition. As an adult, it is better than I even imagined!

Hope you find some magic for your life in my little story.

I am seven years old. I am sitting at my next door neighbors at the dining room table with my girlfriends, my mother and their mom. 

We start talking about what we would like to be when we grow up. I do not recall too many details of childhood conversations, however, I do remember the words and intensity of my emotions attached to this one. I had no difficulty stating "I want to be a ballerina". There was an immediate response. My girlfriends mother said " Nancy is too chubby to dance. She would never make a good ballerina". The words stinging and then echoed by my mother as she agrees and heeds their advice to not enroll me in the upcoming dance classes in my community. For the next 40 years I would deny myself the magical feelings I would experience from dancing....

July 8, 2018

Is magic alive in your life? Is it something that you do not believe is possible for you or for your life? Do you even believe in magic? Is it something that we all possess, or is it only for a select few? Is magic something that we should fear? Maybe it is something that does not exist until we get to heaven? Maybe it was only created for entertainment and reading purposes? 

I see magic as that something, or that force or energy that is beyond my reach. It is that something that is not attainable. It is that something that I once believed or felt to be impossible. I might even describe magic as the miracle.

I once waited for magic. I don't know if I even really waited for it. I felt hopeless. I suffered a severe mental breakdown almost 30 years ago. I was lost. I was feeling desperate and had no belief that I would ever escape the darkness and fears of the depression I was experincing. Magic was something totally foreign to me. Magic was the miracle that was separate from me. It was so...

June 21, 2018

In your moments of sadness and inner turmoil, do you just wish you could just

be happy?

Well, I realized as I looked at my desire to always feel bliss, that it is not reality, nor is it what I truly desire.

I love the way nature and our physical world helps me understand my inner world. I have always been intrigued by how we are all symmetrical.

Stay with me, I am really going somewhere with this!

I go and get my nails done. Five beautiful fingers all bright and pink. Then I need to repeat for the second hand.

Five beautiful toes, all bright and turquoise. Then I need to repeat for the second foot. 

Got my left leg all smooth and silky for summer fun. Then I switch hands with my "Gilette Venus Comfort Glide" to repeat for the right leg.

This is crazy huh? Maybe at this point, you are thinking that I am a bit crazy? :) 

My point is that we have two sides. Both sides the same and yet not exactly the same. We have two hands. One hand might even come in "hand"y to scratch t...

February 21, 2018

I woke up this morning and began my day with my 6:00 am morning dance meditation. The theme for my dance and movement was about saying YES.

It was a beautiful thing as I danced and moved to "Jonay - Skydiving" 

My Vitamin A-Z system for emotional fitness includes Vitamin YES! I have finally taken action to saying YES to a healthy lifestyle. As I danced I was celebrating my last two days of not stressing about my recent weight gain. I felt hopeful about having a fit body, gaining a new perspective and healthy habits for my precious body. I was noticing how much lighter I felt and how I was pain free. I realized the huge impact and wonderful results to only two days of treating my body with kindness. Both my physical and my mental state felt so right. I was skydiving! It felt incredibly freeing!

Vitamin Yes is so key to our emotional wellness. There are so many healthy choices that we can make that will contribute to living our best life. However, until we...

September 27, 2017

Here we are. We are nearing the end of September. I am remembering the awesome precious summer days, specifically a special time when my loved ones sat at our picnic table. We laughed. We soaked up the sunshine. We basked in the beauty of love, warmth and brightness.

I think that somehow, deep inside my soul, I knew this was a temporary moment. But this remembered moment was a treasure that I was storing up for...

Yes, for the upcoming season.

Here we are. It is September 27th. Yesterday was cold, damp and raining. Facebook friends are posting how many days until Christmas. I sit here in front of my laptop, writing this blog. Even the word blog. It is so bloggy. It is dark outside. It is already 7:00 am. it should be bright outside, birds should be tweeting  as they welcome the warm, bright, and cheery sunshine. 

But wait. Why should I be "shoulding"??

Let's try feeling the season we are in...

Here we are. September 27th. Today is a new day. I am awake and inspired to write my...

August 10, 2017

How can we possibly forgive someone who has done something we believe is wrong? How can we say it's ok if we feel attacked after reaching out to try to help someone? How can we say it's ok after an intoxicated driver hits and kills our friend?

Wouldn't the act of forgiveness itself go against everything we believe to be right?

How could I forgive myself by accepting the very thing I would never even imagine doing or saying myself?

Forgiveness is not something we do. Forgiveness is something that happens to us when we decide to LET GO of being right.

I was recently chatting with a dear friend of mine who was sharing a challenge she was encountering in her life. My counseling training came into action. I related to an experience of mine and brought it into the picture. Ouch!!

Suddenly my belief that I was about to help her understand and come to peace with her situation vanished and took a turn in the opposite direction. We were both feeling attacked and our loving relationship ceased to exis...

June 29, 2017

I can't help but notice all the wonderful programs, books, coaches and articles promoting physical fitness and weight-loss! They pop up from everywhere. Our best friends are promoting their weight loss programs. I think that is awesome! 

The resources available to us to become physically fit and healthy is astounding. That is great and at the same time, I am sure some of us are saying things like...

  • Not another one!

  • How much will this one cost me?

  • I tried that one! 

  • Maybe this one will work?

  • Is this the magic I have been looking for?

  • It works for them but not me!

  • It's another diet but diets don't work for me!

So what the heck is going on?

Well I have been on this yoyo journey for as many years as I have had a menstrual cycle! So I could even blame the lack of a sustainable healthy weight on that. But nope. I have another thought.

What if the first step to losing weight and maintaining a healthy plan, began at an emotional level? 

Here's the thing. 


January 29, 2017

Are you old enough to remember, or young enough that your parents told you about the TV show called I dream of Jeannie, or Bewitched?

In either show the main characters had magical powers to make appear, at any given moment, anything they or their

loved one desired! Pure hokey pokey eh? Or is it closer to reality than we think?

At this time in my life's journey, I am very thankful for so many things. I am married to my best friend. I have a very meaningful and enjoyable career. I am blessed to have two wonderful grandchildren. I appreciate the abundance I have in most areas of my life.

In all of this "perfection" I enjoy in my life, there still exists an uneasiness, at times even a storm within when it comes to experiencing my ultimate life.

Here's the thing...

I have a dream to reach my healthiest physical well being, which includes losing a fairly significant amount of weight and putting into place a constant and regular healthier lifestyle.

I have been battling wit...

January 21, 2017

It is January 21, 2017. This means I have spent 3 weeks trying to stay motivated to reaching my new years wellness goals. 

As I take a closer look at the past three weeks, my first thought is that I screwed up big time.

I wanted to lose weight and get healthier. I haven't lost weight and I don't know if I am healthier. But I invite you to take a closer look with me before I throw in the towel and say forget this bull crap!

I have been working at getting to the bottom of my weight loss challenges. I have battled my weight from the age of 11 when I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting with my mom. This is where I took on the idea that I had a problem with food.

I have been yoyo dieting for the past 44 years! Something is missing here. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see this!

I am sick and tired of losing the weight and gaining it back. I am a believer that insanity is truly doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The beginning of the year gave me a c...

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