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How to Stick to Your New Year Commitments

I woke up to 2017!

I had planned on beginning to create my New Year of eating right. I felt so confident after bringing in the New Year last night. It felt so right. It felt like it was going to really happen in the new year. 2017 will be my year. 2017 will find me at my goal weight! 2017. I will have overcome my unhealthy desires and begin to eat right. These are just some of the hopeful thoughts that filled my mind at the close of 2016.

Well guess what? I woke up. Nothing was different except the date on my calendar. I relaxed with my usual cup of coffee. There was still chocolate in my cupboard. There was still fresh rye bread sitting on my counter and creamy butter to spread upon it. Here I was in the brand new year, my fresh new clean page, and already staining it with undesired action towards unhealthy choices.

Well so much for 2017 being my year I thought.

I thought, well tomorrow is only day two of 2017. That could be my new start. So off I ventured to the kitchen and then suddenly, I really woke up. This is where I recognised my insanity and potential for total defeat.

Here is the thing...

I had also made myself the resolution to self love and care. This was the commitment that found me in the moment. This was the commitment that made me stop and question where I was heading. I asked myself what would happen if I loved myself in that moment? My answer was to move towards what I really truly desired at a deeper level and to stick to my healthy eating goal. I walked away from the kitchen and I went for a nap.

I woke up from my nap. The sweets were still there. There was more apple pie in the fridge. It was still 2017. There was still a blank page for the first day of 2017, but now with a stain that I would not be able to remove. But there also remained the second part of the blank page. I could cover the rest of my page with what I desired for myself with the love that I wanted to give myself. The next thing on my page???? Hmmm????

Well, my commitment to self love found me cooking up an amazing healthy veggie omelette!!

I continued to make healthy choices and drank water three times as the day progressed, but my mind was also imagining the left over whipped cream so very light and fluffy on the warm apple pie. I could almost taste it.

Instead, in the moment, my commitment to self love and care pulled me towards my laptop. It was time to write a blog! I hadn't wrote a blog for months and this was the one I was needing and wanting to write. In this very moment, self love means writing this blog with a small glass of wine and sharing with you how to stick to your New Years Commitments.

Make it about your commitment to you. Know that you can achieve your goals. Know that if you look inward, you will find the resources to keep you committed. When I look inward, I am aware that God is in my heart and he will direct me towards the right choices. He has engraved my inner road-map.

Your dreams are your road-map to your best life.

Your dreams will happen if you make the choices in the moments. Don't wait to love and respect yourself. Your commitment to you will affect everyone you care about. Make NOW the time where you stick to your New Years Resolutions.

Love yourself. That is what our amazing and loving creator wants for us! It is really what we need to live a meaningful and joyful life!

Make your 2017 your best year yet, One moment at a time...

Cheers to Good Times and Never Giving Up!!

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