Sharing a Magical Moment

I absolutely love to dance. As a child, my dream to become a magical dancer did not come to fruition. As an adult, it is better than I even imagined! Hope you find some magic for your life in my little story. I am seven years old. I am sitting at my next door neighbors at the dining room table with my girlfriends, my mother and their mom. We start talking about what we would like to be when we grow up. I do not recall too many details of childhood conversations, however, I do remember the words and intensity of my emotions attached to this one. I had no difficulty stating "I want to be a ballerina". There was an immediate response. My girlfriends mother said " Nancy is too chubby to dance. S

Reconnect with Your Magic

Is magic alive in your life? Is it something that you do not believe is possible for you or for your life? Do you even believe in magic? Is it something that we all possess, or is it only for a select few? Is magic something that we should fear? Maybe it is something that does not exist until we get to heaven? Maybe it was only created for entertainment and reading purposes? I see magic as that something, or that force or energy that is beyond my reach. It is that something that is not attainable. It is that something that I once believed or felt to be impossible. I might even describe magic as the miracle. I once waited for magic. I don't know if I even really waited for it. I felt hopeless

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