The Magic Wand We Possess...

Are you old enough to remember, or young enough that your parents told you about the TV show called I dream of Jeannie, or Bewitched? In either show the main characters had magical powers to make appear, at any given moment, anything they or their loved one desired! Pure hokey pokey eh? Or is it closer to reality than we think? At this time in my life's journey, I am very thankful for so many things. I am married to my best friend. I have a very meaningful and enjoyable career. I am blessed to have two wonderful grandchildren. I appreciate the abundance I have in most areas of my life. In all of this "perfection" I enjoy in my life, there still exists an uneasiness, at times even a storm wit

Expectation of Perfection Shatters Success

It is January 21, 2017. This means I have spent 3 weeks trying to stay motivated to reaching my new years wellness goals. As I take a closer look at the past three weeks, my first thought is that I screwed up big time. I wanted to lose weight and get healthier. I haven't lost weight and I don't know if I am healthier. But I invite you to take a closer look with me before I throw in the towel and say forget this bull crap! I have been working at getting to the bottom of my weight loss challenges. I have battled my weight from the age of 11 when I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting with my mom. This is where I took on the idea that I had a problem with food. I have been yoyo dieting for

How to Stick to Your New Year Commitments

I woke up to 2017! I had planned on beginning to create my New Year of eating right. I felt so confident after bringing in the New Year last night. It felt so right. It felt like it was going to really happen in the new year. 2017 will be my year. 2017 will find me at my goal weight! 2017. I will have overcome my unhealthy desires and begin to eat right. These are just some of the hopeful thoughts that filled my mind at the close of 2016. Well guess what? I woke up. Nothing was different except the date on my calendar. I relaxed with my usual cup of coffee. There was still chocolate in my cupboard. There was still fresh rye bread sitting on my counter and creamy butter to spread upon it. Her

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