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Health and Weight Loss Begins with Emotional Fitness!

I can't help but notice all the wonderful programs, books, coaches and articles promoting physical fitness and weight-loss! They pop up from everywhere. Our best friends are promoting their weight loss programs. I think that is awesome!

The resources available to us to become physically fit and healthy is astounding. That is great and at the same time, I am sure some of us are saying things like...

  • Not another one!

  • How much will this one cost me?

  • I tried that one!

  • Maybe this one will work?

  • Is this the magic I have been looking for?

  • It works for them but not me!

  • It's another diet but diets don't work for me!

So what the heck is going on?

Well I have been on this yoyo journey for as many years as I have had a menstrual cycle! So I could even blame the lack of a sustainable healthy weight on that. But nope. I have another thought.

What if the first step to losing weight and maintaining a healthy plan, began at an emotional level?

Here's the thing.

Emotional fitness prepares us for a successful journey towards our health goals.

  • Without a strong sense of self awareness, how do we even know what feels right for us, with so many different resources available out there?

  • Without self-confidence, how can we expect to succeed?

  • Without an ability to set boundaries, how can we say no when the pressure is on?

  • Without self-love, how can we love ourselves enough to do what we need to make our dream reality?

  • Without patience and self acceptance, how can we stick to it for the duration?

I am a meager 5 ft 3 inches and at one time in my journey weighed 266 pounds. I was clinically depressed and feeling empty and hopeless. I was emotionally void and had no sense of self. My emotional fitness level, on a scale from 1-10 was somewhere between a 2-3.

I made it my mission to find mental and emotional wellness without taking prescribed medication. This lead me on a journey towards emotional wellness.

But for many years I still struggled with losing the weight and keeping it off. I tried so many wonderful programs. I would always find myself gaining back the weight and feeling like a failure.

But then something clicked! As I continued on my journey of self awareness and my own personal development, I recently discovered that my emotional fitness level is high enough to really succeed at reaching my ultimate goal weight. Something has clicked for me!

I have been on "my plan" for 7 weeks now. I have lost almost 20 pounds. I am committed. I am feeling hopeful. My emotional fitness muscle makes it clear for me to know what works for me!

  • My strong sense of self awareness allows me to be awake to what feels right for me

  • As I have been stretching myself out of my comfort zone, I have been developing the needed self confidence to succeed

  • Knowing and practicing my needed boundaries makes it possible for me to keep to my commitments

  • My acquired self love and respect keeps the door open for me to succeed

  • Accepting myself just as I am, at every moment, gives me the patience to allow for the time it will take to get to where I want to be

Do you need to develop your emotional fitness in order to reach your health goals?

I would love to be your emotional fitness coach!

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