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Feeling the Season We are In

Dance in the Crunchy Leaves!

Here we are. We are nearing the end of September. I am remembering the awesome precious summer days, specifically a special time when my loved ones sat at our picnic table. We laughed. We soaked up the sunshine. We basked in the beauty of love, warmth and brightness.

I think that somehow, deep inside my soul, I knew this was a temporary moment. But this remembered moment was a treasure that I was storing up for...

Yes, for the upcoming season.

Here we are. It is September 27th. Yesterday was cold, damp and raining. Facebook friends are posting how many days until Christmas. I sit here in front of my laptop, writing this blog. Even the word blog. It is so bloggy. It is dark outside. It is already 7:00 am. it should be bright outside, birds should be tweeting as they welcome the warm, bright, and cheery sunshine.

But wait. Why should I be "shoulding"??

Let's try feeling the season we are in...

Here we are. September 27th. Today is a new day. I am awake and inspired to write my blog. I have been feeling stuck for some time now. I have been uninspired to write. I have been stressing about upcoming projects and commitments. But this morning, is different. This morning I choose to embrace this very special moment.

So let's go there. No. Even better still...Let's be right here...

I take a deep breath. I realize the end is here. The end of warm summer days. This welcomes newness. The newness does mean winter. The newness does mean the cold weather. The newness does entail shorter days. The newness does end my walks with hubby in flip flops and capris as we enjoy the sunlight and warmth at 10:00 PM.

But, this newness has stored up amazing and beautiful new memories. I have another added season of wonderful new experiences . They are new gifts that I can choose to recall at any moment. To me they belong, and they feel great! They stir up feelings of joy.

In this moment of transition, as the sun begins to peek through my window I feel a sense of peace with where I am right now. I feel a sense of okayness with the approaching season.

I even feel a spark of excitement as I imagine the bright whiteness of the snow. I imagine decorating my home for Christmas, family and friends enjoying times together in the warmth of our home. I will be bundling up all warm and cozy, huddling close to my hubby as we brave our walks in the cold.

I experience joy filled memories of summer past. I anticipate the beauties of the upcoming winter. And maybe even most important, I embrace what shows up in the moments of the transition as I allow myself to be. The quietness, the space, the wonder, and the anticipation of more opportunities for fall memories are here for me to embrace.

There is nothing lost or missing in this very moment. There is no need to run. There is no need to fear. There is no need to find unhealthy sources of comfort. I can simply feel the season I am in.

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