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Emotional Fitness Nutrient - Vitamin Y

I woke up this morning and began my day with my 6:00 am morning dance meditation. The theme for my dance and movement was about saying YES.

It was a beautiful thing as I danced and moved to "Jonay - Skydiving"

My Vitamin A-Z system for emotional fitness includes Vitamin YES! I have finally taken action to saying YES to a healthy lifestyle. As I danced I was celebrating my last two days of not stressing about my recent weight gain. I felt hopeful about having a fit body, gaining a new perspective and healthy habits for my precious body. I was noticing how much lighter I felt and how I was pain free. I realized the huge impact and wonderful results to only two days of treating my body with kindness. Both my physical and my mental state felt so right. I was skydiving! It felt incredibly freeing!

Vitamin Yes is so key to our emotional wellness. There are so many healthy choices that we can make that will contribute to living our best life. However, until we say yes to taking action it is all wishful thinking.

What have you said yes to, but have not yet taken action??

YES to healthy mental habits:

  • Forgiving someone

  • Letting go of something from your past

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Accepting flaws of yourself and others

  • Self compassion and acceptance

YES to healthy physical habits:

  • Healthy food choices

  • Eating in moderation

  • Being more active

Turn your yes into YA!!!!

Yes + Action = YA!!

What will you do today to turn your YES to an absolute YA?

Enjoy skydiving!

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