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Both Sides of Us

In your moments of sadness and inner turmoil, do you just wish you could just

be happy?

Well, I realized as I looked at my desire to always feel bliss, that it is not reality, nor is it what I truly desire.

I love the way nature and our physical world helps me understand my inner world. I have always been intrigued by how we are all symmetrical.

Stay with me, I am really going somewhere with this!

I go and get my nails done. Five beautiful fingers all bright and pink. Then I need to repeat for the second hand.

Five beautiful toes, all bright and turquoise. Then I need to repeat for the second foot.

Got my left leg all smooth and silky for summer fun. Then I switch hands with my "Gilette Venus Comfort Glide" to repeat for the right leg.

This is crazy huh? Maybe at this point, you are thinking that I am a bit crazy? :)

My point is that we have two sides. Both sides the same and yet not exactly the same. We have two hands. One hand might even come in "hand"y to scratch the other hand. When we walk, one leg supports us, while the other is lifted.

In the same way, we have two sides to our emotional us. Instead of left and right, I will call them negative and positive, or sad and happy, fearful and confident, or maybe even anxious and relaxed. Our typical response to this would be to want to always experience feelings of positivity, happiness, confidence and always being relaxed.

But when I look at the reality of this, I think not. One side supports the other, just like walking. When I am sad, happy is waiting for it's turn. When I am fearful, confidence is available as I remain in action. When I am feeling anxious, relaxation is available to take over, just on the other side of a simple pause or breath.

  • If I didn't know what anxiety looked like, how could I experience the relief of relaxation?

  • If I couldn't experience the emotions of fear, what would confidence look like?

  • If I was never sad, how would I even recognize joy?

  • If I wasn't able to experience negativity, why would I even try to find positivity and possible solutions?

I love the complexity of me. I adore the simpleness of me.

I hate some things about life. I love the sense of accomplishment I experience in my endeavors for improvement.

I love the satisfaction in resolving everyday conflict.

I love the color yellow even more when it sits on a black background.

Let's live the entire human experience and live more fully! Our black crayon and our yellow crayon love working together. This is how we create our masterpiece of a true and authentic life!!

How will you begin to love both sides of you?

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