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Reconnect with Your Magic

Is magic alive in your life? Is it something that you do not believe is possible for you or for your life? Do you even believe in magic? Is it something that we all possess, or is it only for a select few? Is magic something that we should fear? Maybe it is something that does not exist until we get to heaven? Maybe it was only created for entertainment and reading purposes?

I see magic as that something, or that force or energy that is beyond my reach. It is that something that is not attainable. It is that something that I once believed or felt to be impossible. I might even describe magic as the miracle.

I once waited for magic. I don't know if I even really waited for it. I felt hopeless. I suffered a severe mental breakdown almost 30 years ago. I was lost. I was feeling desperate and had no belief that I would ever escape the darkness and fears of the depression I was experincing. Magic was something totally foreign to me. Magic was the miracle that was separate from me. It was so much bigger than me. I believed that recovery was completely unattainable. Only magic would make me feel alive again. Only magic would make me feel joy again. Only magic would find the light of my soul. Only magic, and yet magic was not even a thought that existed in my storm.

I share this because this experience is what actually taught me about magic. It was this deep dark experience that allowed me to find the magic that was and is available to me at any moment. This experience led me to find the magic that I was seeking.

My magic is always evolving, and yet it is constant.

Last week my magic showed up in an amazing way. I have been working on expanding my business for the last few months. I was networking, taking courses, working with different coaches and I felt like nothing was happening. I was feeling discouraged. I was experiencing self doubt and frustration. But abracadabra!! I received a miracle email. I was offered an amazing training contract with an incredible organization! Was this not magical?

I don't think we ever stop seeking our magic. We are magical! We are capable of creating, achieving, and being so much more than we can ever imagine! Children believe in magic. They never stop learning. They live with an excitement of discovering their magic in every moment. Somewhere along the way, as we matured, we lost our belief in magic. Now is the time to reconnect with that magic you never really lost. It is magical and it is ours for the taking. Believe that you are magical and you will see your everyday miracles.

What does magic look like for you in this very moment?

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