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Sharing a Magical Moment

I absolutely love to dance. As a child, my dream to become a magical dancer did not come to fruition. As an adult, it is better than I even imagined!


Hope you find some magic for your life in my little story.

I am seven years old. I am sitting at my next door neighbors at the dining room table with my girlfriends, my mother and their mom.

We start talking about what we would like to be when we grow up. I do not recall too many details of childhood conversations, however, I do remember the words and intensity of my emotions attached to this one. I had no difficulty stating "I want to be a ballerina". There was an immediate response. My girlfriends mother said " Nancy is too chubby to dance. She would never make a good ballerina". The words stinging and then echoed by my mother as she agrees and heeds their advice to not enroll me in the upcoming dance classes in my community. For the next 40 years I would deny myself the magical feelings I would experience from dancing.

I remember one attempt at a school dance in my late teens. I felt the magical vibrations of the music. My body wanting to embrace the beat and move freely. My mind was telling me that I was too chubby and I was not a good dancer. I felt awkward, ugly and at war with the music. Being on the dance floor was torture. I just wanted to be free and embrace the music, but all I could experience were the intense emotions and fear of believing everyone around me was judging me. I was at war with my body. It wanted to move freely with the music, but all I could hear and believe were the voices in my head saying, "You can't dance! You are so bad!"

Five years ago, I decided to embrace life and nourish my inner child. This included allowing myself the joy of dancing. Dance Our Way Home was a freestyle, meditative dance, facilitated by an amazing life coach and friend. I started living my dream of dancing!

I try to spend at least 15 minutes, 2 - 3 times per week dancing. There are no fancy moves, no fancy steps. I just move my entire body to the flow and beat of the music.

I have once again denied myself the joy of dancing. It has been a few weeks since I moved my body to the flow of music. However, this morning was different. This morning I had the urge to go outside in my yard and dance on the wet grass after an evening of rain! I jumped on the urge. I grabbed my speaker and my Android. I had no excuses to not engage in some magical moments. And this time outside on the grass, the birds chirping, and possibly a light mist of rain. I had to do it.

It was truly magical!! It was just me and Olivia Newton John, Jojo Mason, The BeeGees, and Jordon Sparks. The words of Olivia Newton John telling me that I am Magic; JoJo Mason telling me how beautiful I look in my flowing Red Dress, (but actually wearing yoga pants and black top); The BeeGees allowing me to relive my Disco Era, free of any judgement, and Jordon Sparks reminding me that "One Step at a Time" is the most powerful way. I believed them all. My body loved me as I moved it. The birds were chirping and even dancing with me. The wet grass felt so soothing. The flowers in my yard were more colorful than ever. The judging voices were dead. I was a dancer. I was a beautiful amazing dancer. I know this because it felt so right and magical.

What Magical Moments are you denying yourself, because of that one conversation or that one opinion. Now is your time!!

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